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  • Community Events

    Sunday Do Over Run

    KC4: Kavarna Cross Country and Coffee Club

    Since the Saturday run got washed out, this will be an opportunity to do a 5-mile run that doesn’t involve dodging lightening bolts or wading through raging rapids!

    FOR Runners

    Fellowship of Reason

    Meet us at 8:00am at the Circle of Flags at the Carter Center. We'll set out on the trail alongside Freedom Parkway, heading to the eastside Beltline. We'll make our way north all the way to Piedmont Park, then head east on Virginia Ave, then...

    Modern Mind Book Discussion Group Weekly Meeting

    Modern Mind Book Discussion Group

    You're invited to join us in the Modern Mind book discussion group each week as we explore the contents of an intellectually challenging text. We spend one week per chapter and typically stay on one book for a few months. Each one is voted on by...

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